CD Guadalajara Fan Flag (GIF)

Club Deportivo Guadalajara, commonly known as Guadalajara and its nicknames Chivas, is a professional football club headquartered in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, Jalisco, Mexico, that competes in Liga MX (2022-23), the top tier of Mexican football. This unofficial C.D. Guadalajara fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial del C.D. Guadalajara) consists of the team's official logo and a red-and-white striped background derived from the logo.

Developed with the city's coat of arms in mind, the logo features a bright and ornate composition with a thick-framed, circular blue medallion with vertical stripes of white and red in the middle, and a traditional crest with a gray knight's helmet. The red and white colors represent the club's traditional colors. The design pays homage to Guadalajara, the city where the team is based, and its heritage. The incorporation of these elements in the logo symbolizes the club's strong connection to its hometown and its pride in representing the city in football.

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Team name:Club Deportivo Guadalajara
Team nicknames:Chivas (Goats),
Chivas Rayadas (Striped Goats),
Rebaño Sagrado (Sacred Herd),
Rojiblancos (Red and Whites),
Campeonísimo (Great Champion)
Team abbreviation:CDG, Chivas
Location:Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Ground:Estadio Akron
League:Liga MX
Team Colors:Red and White
Second places:10
Seasons in top division:108
Mascot:Chiva Fighter, Chiva Loca

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