Seattle Mariners Fan Flag (GIF)

The Seattle Mariners (abbreviated as SEA) are a professional baseball team headquartered in Seattle, Washington, U.S., and competing in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) West division. This unofficial Seattle Mariners fan flag consists of the team's official cap insignia and a dark blue background derived from the cap insignia.

The cap insignia design consists of an 8-point compass resting on a baseball on a capital letter "S". The "S" represents Seattle, a port city on the Pacific Ocean, and the compass rose symbolizes the team's nautical identity. It reflects the Mariners' strong connection to the sea and their city's coastal heritage.

Other flag variations

Team Name:Seattle Mariners
Team Nicknames:The M's
Team Abbreviation:SEA
Location:Seattle, Washington, USA
League & Division:AL West
Team Colors:Navy blue, metallic silver,
Northwest green, royal blue,
yellow, cream
World Series titles:-
Division titles:3
Ballpark:T-Mobile Park
Mascot:Mariner Moose

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