Albirex Niigata Fan Flag (GIF)

Albirex Niigata is a professional football club based in Niigata, Japan, and plays in the J1 League (2023), the top tier of the Japanese professional football league. This Albirex Niigata fan flag (Japanese: アルビレックス新潟の旗) consists of the team's official logo and team wordmark on a background with orange white vertical stripes separated by thin blue stripes and a stylized wing shape on it.

A swan, which is also the team mascot, is depicted in the logo, flying towards the star named Albireo on an orange soccer ball on the blue shield with orange-white edges. The swan is the primary symbol of the club. The significance of the swan likely relates to its graceful and elegant characteristics, which may reflect the club's values and ideals. Swans are known for their beauty and elegance, and their inclusion in the logo may symbolize the club's commitment to these qualities.

Team name:Albirex Niigata
Team nicknames:Albi, Swans
Team abbreviation:ALB
Location:Niigata, Japan
Ground:Denka Big Swan Stadium
League:J1 League
Team Colors:Orange, White, Blue
Second places:-
Seasons in top flight:14
Mascot:Albi-kun (a swan)

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