FC Tokyo Fan Flag (GIF)

FC Tokyo is a professional football club based in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan, and plays in the J1 League (2023), the top tier of the Japanese professional football league. This FC Tokyo fan flag (Japanese: FC東京の旗) consists of the team's official logo and a blue-and-red vertically striped background derived from the logo.

The FC Tokyo logo is a bold and straightforward representation of the team's identity. The shield design incorporates horizontal and vertical stripes in the team's colors, creating a visually dynamic background. The inclusion of the establishment year of the team adds historical significance and underscores its longevity. At the center of the logo, a large stylized "T" stands prominently, serving as both the team's initial and a graphical representation of Tokyo. The vertical placement of the team name on the "T" adds a unique twist to the design. Notably, the upper right corner of the letter "T" features a flaming element, reminiscent of the ear of the team mascot, adding a touch of energy and enthusiasm to the overall emblem. In sum, the FC Tokyo logo effectively blends elements of tradition, modernity, and team spirit.

Team name:Football Club Tokyo
Team nicknames:Tokyo Verdy (formerly), Tokyo, Gasmen, Gas
Team abbreviation:FCT
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Ground:Ajinomoto Stadium
League:J1 League
Team Colors:Blue and Red
Second places:1
Seasons in top flight:21
Mascot:Tokyo Dorompa

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