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Barys Astana, also referred to as HC Barys, is an ice hockey team based in Astana, Kazakhstan, and plays in the Chernyshev Division of the Eastern Conference in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) (2022-23) in Russia. This unofficial Barys Astana fan flag (Kazakh: Бейресми Барыс Астана туы, Russian: неофициальный флаг Барыс Астана) consists of the team's official logo and a dark blue background derived from the team colors.

The Barys Astana logo is a visually captivating representation of the ice hockey team and its connection to the city of Astana (now known as Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan. At its core, the logo features a roaring snow leopard, a powerful and indigenous symbol of the region. The leopard is colored in team and Kazakh flag colors, emphasizing a sense of national pride. On the forehead of the leopard, the graphic elements resembling spots symbolize key tourist attractions in Astana, such as the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the Hazrat Sultan Mosque, and the Barys Arena sports complex. This intricate design effectively combines elements of nature, culture, and local landmarks, making it a symbol of both the team's identity and its strong ties to the city of Astana and Kazakhstan as a whole.

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Team Name:Barys Astana
Team Nicknames:Barys, Snow Leopards
Team Abbreviation:BAR (common abbreviation)
Location:Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Conference & Division:Eastern / Chernyshev
Team Colors:Dark-Blue, Gold, Sky-Blue and White
Second places:-
Third places:-
Home arena:Barys Arena
Mascot:Snow Leopard (unofficial mascot)

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