HC Sochi Fan Flag (GIF)

HC Sochi is a professional ice hockey team based in Sochi, Russia, playing in the Bobrov Division of the Western Conference of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) (2022-23). This unofficial HC Sochi fan flag (Russian: неофициальный флаг ХК Сочи) consists of the team's official logo and a turquoise background derived from the team colors.

The HC Sochi logo is a dynamic and visually engaging representation of the ice hockey team. At its core, the logo prominently features a depiction of a leopard in a poised and attacking stance, embodying the spirit of the team's nickname. The leopard is captured mid-action, symbolizing agility, power, and determination—qualities associated with the team's competitive drive on the ice. The use of the leopard in the logo aligns with the team's Russian name, "Sochi," and effectively conveys the essence of strength and readiness to compete, making it a fitting emblem for HC Sochi.

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Team Name:Hockey Club Sochi
Team Nicknames:Leopards
Team Abbreviation:-
Location:Sochi, Russia
Conference & Division:Western / Bobrov
Team Colors:Dark-Blue, Sky-Blue, Gold and White
Second places:-
Third places:-
Home arena:Bolshoy Ice Dome

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