Minnesota United FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Minnesota United FC (abbreviated as MIN) is a professional soccer club based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, that plays in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer. This unofficial Minnesota United FC fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a sky blue background derived from the logo.

The shield-shaped logo features a large black loon with bright red eyes, Minnesota's state bird, reflecting the team's connection to the region. The loon's 11 feathers symbolize the team's 11 players on the football field. The hexagram star in the upper left, the North Star, is inspired by the state motto "L'Etoile du Nord" and represents Cinosura, a bright pole star. The team's name, "United," signifies unity and the coming together of fans and communities to support the club. Overall, the logo symbolizes Minnesota United FC's identity as a team representing the state and its passionate fanbase.

Other flag variations

Team name:Minnesota United FC
Team nicknames:The Loons
Team abbreviation:MNUFC, MIN (commonly used)
Location:Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Stadium:Allianz Field
League & Conference:MLS Western
Team Colors:Grey, sky blue, and black
MLS Cup titles:-
Supporters' Shield wins:-
MLS seasons:6
Mascot:PK (called "Fut Fut" by fans)

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