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The new Minnesota flag embodies the essence of the state with its simple yet profound design. The dark blue polygon at the hoist signifies the night sky while also outlining the state's geography, reflecting the land upon which all Minnesotans reside. A white eight-pointed star within the dark blue field represents the North Star, a guiding light historically significant to the state and its people. The lighter blue background symbolizes Minnesota's abundant waters, encapsulating the state's natural beauty and resources. Together, these elements encapsulate the spirit of Minnesota, honoring its past while pointing toward its bright future.

Adopted:May 11, 2024
Designed by:Andrew Prekker (base design),
Minnesota State Emblems
Redesign Commission (final design)
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

1983 - 2024

The old flag of Minnesota features a design that centers around a modified version of the state's seal set against a blue field. The seal is encompassed by a blue ring adorned with a wreath of pink-and-white lady's-slippers and a red ribbon bearing the years 1819 and 1893. At the top of the blue ring, the year 1858 is set in gold. The pink-and-white lady's-slipper serves as the state flower, and the cited years hold historical significance for Minnesota. 1819 marks the founding of Fort Snelling, 1858 signifies Minnesota's statehood, and 1893 marks the adoption of the first flag. A white ring encircles the blue ring, featuring 19 stars arranged in five radial groups, symbolizing Minnesota as the nineteenth state to join the Union after the original thirteen. The larger star at the top represents the North Star, a nod to the state's nickname.

The background of the seal depicts a Native American on horseback, symbolizing the state's indigenous heritage, riding towards the south, while the straight horizon line represents the vast plains covering much of Minnesota. A red ribbon in the sky bears the motto, "L'Étoile du Nord" (French for "The Star of the North"). The horse and spear of the Native American, as well as the pioneer's ax, rifle, and plow, represent the tools of their daily lives, signifying labor and hunting. The stump reflects the land's transformation and the importance of the lumber industry in 1858. Depictions of the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls emphasize their significance in transportation, industry, and the state's settlement. The furrowed ground by the plow signifies the submission of the land to pioneers and underscores the importance of agriculture in Minnesota's future. Beyond the falls on the seal, three pine trees represent the state tree and the three pine regions: St. Croix, Mississippi, and Lake Superior. In conclusion, this intricate flag design encapsulates Minnesota's rich history, natural resources, the importance of various industries in its development, and the resilient spirit of its people.

Minnesota, a state situated in the upper Midwest region of the United States, is renowned for its pristine natural beauty, vibrant urban centers, and a rich cultural heritage. St. Paul serves as the state capital, while Minneapolis stands as the largest city and a significant hub for business, arts, and education. With a population of approximately 5.707 million (2021) people, Minnesota thrives on a diverse economy supported by industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and technology. The state's picturesque landscapes, including numerous lakes, forests, and the iconic Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, make it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Minnesota's strong cultural identity is reflected in its robust arts scene, celebrated music culture, and the renowned Mall of America. The state's commitment to education, innovation, and quality of life, as well as its strong sense of community, solidifies Minnesota's reputation as a dynamic and welcoming state with a unique blend of urban sophistication and natural splendor.



This flag is the old Minnesotan flag.
May 11, 2024 at 10:15 AM
This is the old Minnesotan flag.
May 14, 2024 at 5:14 PM
New flag added
May 17, 2024 at 2:48 AM

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