Greater Western Sydney Giants Fan Flag (GIF)

The Greater Western Sydney Giants (officially the Greater Western Sydney Football Club and colloquially known as the GWS Giants or simply GWS) are a professional Australian rules football team based in Sydney Olympic Park, Greater Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia that competes in the Australian Football League (AFL). This unofficial Greater Western Sydney Giants fan flag consists of the team's official logo and an orange background derived from the logo.

The orange logo (black on the flag) consists of a stylized letter "G" above the word "GIANTS", which is the nickname of the team. The "G" represents "Greater" and "Giants" in the club's name. The orange and white colors are the club's team colors. Overall, the logo conveys the club's identity as a formidable force in the Australian Football League (AFL) and its representation of the Greater Western Sydney region.

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Team Name:Greater Western Sydney Giants
Team Nicknames:Giants, The Orange Team
Team Abbreviation:GWS
Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
League:Australian Football League
Team Colors:Orange, Charcoal, and White
VFL/AFL premierships:-
VFL/AFL seasons:11
Ground:Giants Stadium & Manuka Oval
Capacity:23,500 (Giants), 16,000 (Manuka)

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