Al-Hilal SC Fan Flag (GIF)

Al-Hilal Saudi Club, simply known as Al-Hilal, is a professional multi-sport club based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, competing in the Saudi Pro League (2023), the highest football league in the Saudi league system. This unofficial Al-Hilal SC fan flag (Arabic: علم نادي الهلال) consists of the team's official logo and a bright blue background derived from the team jersey.

The logo features a shield with blue and white vertical stripes in the team colors, with the team's name written in both Arabic and English underneath. "Hilal" means crescent in English. The tops of the crescent moons added to the shield allow the stripes to read as both "H" and "S" (for the words Hilal and Saudi). Overall, the logo reflects the club's Saudi Arabian identity and its connection to Islamic culture and heritage. Additionally, the club's name, "Al-Hilal," means "the crescent" in Arabic, further emphasizing the significance of the crescent moon in the logo.

Other flag variations

Team name:Al-Hilal Saudi Club
Team nicknames:Al-Za'eem (The Boss), Blue Waves
Team abbreviation:HIL, HILAL
Location:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ground:King Fahd International Stadium
League:Saudi Pro League
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:15
Seasons in top division:48
Mascot:Arabian Horse (Unofficial)

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