Al Wahda FC (UAE) Fan Flag (GIF)

Al Wahda FC is a professional football club based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and competes in the UAE Pro League (2023), the highest football league in the United Arab Emirates. This unofficial Al Wahda FC (UAE) fan flag (Arabic: علم نادي الوحدة [الإمارات]) consists of the team's official logo and a maroon background derived from the logo.

The Al Wahda FC logo is a blend of tradition, history, and regional identity. The maroon shield, set against the backdrop of desert sand, symbolizes strength and resilience. At the top of the shield, the presence of a soccer ball underscores the club's focus on the sport. The central image of Qasr al-Hosn, Abu Dhabi's oldest stone building and a historical landmark, serves as a powerful representation of the city's heritage. The depiction of the distant view of the structure at the top and the northern watchtower at the bottom reinforces this historical connection. Additionally, the stylized drawing of an antelope on the watchtower, carried over from the previous logo, adds a touch of regional symbolism and cultural significance. In summary, the Al Wahda FC logo is a harmonious fusion of history, identity, and football spirit.

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Team name:Al Wahda Football Club
Team nicknames:Al Wahda
Team abbreviation:WAH
Location:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Ground:Al Nahyan Stadium
League:UAE Pro League
Team Colors:Maroon, Dark-Blue and Gold
Second places:-
Seasons in Pro League:15

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