Al Wasl FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Al Wasl FC is a professional football club based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and competes in the UAE Pro League (2023), the highest football league in the United Arab Emirates. This unofficial Al Wasl FC fan flag (Arabic: علم نادي الوصل) consists of the team's official logo and a yellow background derived from the logo.

The Al Wasl FC logo is a representation of sporting excellence, education, and the pursuit of peace. The prominent yellow shield signifies strength and resilience. The inclusion of the Olympic rings emphasizes the club's commitment to sporting achievement and excellence. The soccer ball atop an open book signifies a dedication to the sport's education and the sharing of knowledge. Two olive branches, symbols of peace, extend from either side of the shield, highlighting the club's aspiration for harmony and goodwill through the medium of football. In sum, the Al Wasl FC logo combines elements of sporting ambition, education, and a desire for peace and unity.

Other flag variations

Team name:Al Wasl Football Club
Team nicknames:Al Fuhud (The cheetahs/panthers),
Al Imbrator (The emperor)
Team abbreviation:WAS
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ground:Zabeel Stadium
League:UAE Pro League
Team Colors:Yellow and Green
Second places:8
Seasons in Pro League:15

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