Shabab Al Ahli Club Fan Flag (GIF)

Shabab Al Ahli Club is a professional association football club based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and competes in the UAE Pro League (2023), the highest football league in the United Arab Emirates. This unofficial Shabab Al Ahli Club fan flag (Arabic: علم نادي شباب الاهلي) consists of the team's official logo and a red background derived from the logo.

The logo, featuring a red radial-patterned shield with gold edges, holds deep symbolism for the team. At its top, an angry horse depicted within a circle exudes strength, determination, and competitive spirit, signifying the team's prowess on the field. The green stripe running along the shield not only adds vibrancy but also showcases the team's Arabic name, further reinforcing the club's identity and heritage. Altogether, this emblem signifies the fusion of power, pride, and local identity, making it a powerful symbol for the team.

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Team name:Shabab Al Ahli Club
Team nicknames:Al Fursan Al Humur (The Red Knights)
Team abbreviation:-
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ground:Rashid Stadium
League:UAE Pro League
Team Colors:Red and Green
Second places:4
Seasons in Pro League:6

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