Peace Flags (GIF)

A waving peace flag of rainbow colors (Animated GIF)
The rainbow is a peace symbol
(but do not wait for the rain to make peace)

The peace flag, most commonly represented by the rainbow flag, is a symbol of peace and harmony. First introduced in Italy in 1961 during a peace march, the flag features seven vibrant colors: purple, blue, azure, green, yellow, orange, and red. Bolded in Italian with the word "PACE," meaning "PEACE," the flag not only embodies the visual spectrum but also carries a powerful linguistic message. The choice of a rainbow as a symbol reflects diversity and unity, emphasizing the inclusivity and interconnectedness of different elements coming together to create a harmonious whole. The use of local translations for the word "peace," , as shown above, further underscores the global and inclusive nature of the peace flag, transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries to promote a shared vision of peace across communities.

The waving white peace flag consisting of a dove and olive branch (Animated GIF)
You must make peace
(with or without a flag)

The proposed peace flag, redesigned by us, features a serene white background adorned with a symbolically powerful image: a dove in flight, gracefully carrying an olive branch. The inclusion of the dove and olive branch dates back to Pablo Picasso's creation of a peace flag, underscoring their historical significance as timeless symbols of peace. The dove, traditionally associated with purity and hope, becomes a poignant messenger, while the olive branch, an ancient emblem of peace, adds a subtle yet impactful touch. The simplicity of the design resonates with the idea that these symbols, although not prerequisites for achieving peace, serve as enduring and universal representations of the collective human aspiration for harmony and unity. The flag stands as a visual testament to the enduring quest for peace, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries with its evocative and universally recognized symbolism.

Flag images:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

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