Cincinnati Bengals Fan Flag (GIF)

The Cincinnati Bengals (abbreviated as CIN) are an American football team based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The Bengals compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division of the National Football League (NFL). This unofficial Cincinnati Bengals fan flag consists of the team's official logo and an orange background derived from the logo. The Cincinnati Bengals logo consists of a bold, large letter "B" painted in the colors of a Bengal tiger with orange and black stripes.

The tiger represents strength, agility, and power, which are attributes often associated with football teams. The orange and black color scheme adds to the bold and distinctive visual identity of the team. Overall, the logo symbolizes the team's identity as the Cincinnati Bengals and their commitment to winning in the NFL.

Other flag variations

Team Name:Cincinnati Bengals
Team Nicknames:The Bengals, Who Dey, Jungle Cats, The Men in Stripes
Team Abbreviation:CHI
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Conference & Division:AFC North
Team Colors:Orange, Black, White
League championships:-
Conference championships:3
Division championships:11
Home Stadium:Paycor Stadium
Mascot:Bengal tiger (Who Dey)

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