Cleveland Browns Fan Flag (GIF)

The Cleveland Browns (abbreviated as CLV or CLE) are an American football team based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Browns compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division of the National Football League (NFL). This unofficial Cleveland Browns fan flag consists of the team's official logo and an orange background derived from the logo. The Cleveland Browns logo is an orange helmet with no emblem because the only players who wear helmets without graphics or text are the players of this club. Only the upper part of the cap is decorated with a white stripe. This minimalist design is meant to emphasize tradition, focusing on the team's historic and classic identity.

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Team Name:Cleveland Browns
Team Nicknames:The Browns, The Dawg Pound
Team Abbreviation:CLE (NFL Team Abbreviation)
Location:Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Conference & Division:AFC North
Team Colors:Brown, Orange, White
League championships:8
Conference championships:11
Division championships:12
Home Stadium:Cleveland Browns Stadium
Mascot:Chomps, SJ, Brownie the Elf

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