Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Flag (GIF)

The Jacksonville Jaguars (abbreviated as JAX or JAC) are an American football team based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The Jaguars compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) South Division of the National Football League (NFL). This unofficial Jacksonville Jaguars fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a teal background derived from the logo. The roaring jaguar in the logo reflects the unpredictability of the talisman, the irresistibility in defeating the enemy and the selfless desire to protect. It symbolizes the team's competitive spirit, agility, and strength, aligning with the traits of a jaguar in the wild. And it reflects the team's identity and commitment to success in the NFL.

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Team Name:Jacksonville Jaguars
Team Nicknames:Jags, Sacksonville
Team Abbreviation:JAX (NFL Team Abbreviation)
Location:Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Conference & Division:AFC South
Team Colors:Teal, black, gold
League championships:-
Conference championships:-
Division championships:4
Home Stadium:EverBank Stadium
Mascot:Jaxson de Ville

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