Miami Dolphins Fan Flag (GIF)

The Miami Dolphins (abbreviated as MIA) are an American football team based in Miami, Florida, USA, and compete in the National Football League's (NFL) American Football Conference's (AFC) East Division. This unofficial Miami Dolphins fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a turquoise background derived from the logo.

The Miami Dolphins' logo features a dolphin jumping through a sunburst, with aqua and orange coloring. This emblem symbolizes the team's identity and connection to the ocean and aquatic theme, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Miami. The dolphin represents agility, intelligence, and the playful nature of the marine mammal. The sunburst adds a sense of energy and excitement. Overall, the logo signifies the Dolphins' commitment to an exciting and competitive style of play in the NFL, as well as their ties to the Miami community.

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Team Name:Miami Dolphins
Team Nicknames:The Phins, Killer Bees, No Name Defense
Team Abbreviation:MIA (NFL Team Abbreviation)
Location:Miami Gardens, Florida, USA
Conference & Division:AFC East
Team Colors:Aqua, orange, white, marine blue
League championships:2
Conference championships:5
Division championships:13
Home Stadium:Hard Rock Stadium
Mascot:T. D.

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