Valencia CF Fan Flag (GIF)

Valencia Club de Fútbol, commonly referred to as Valencia CF (or simply Valencia), is a professional football club based in Valencia, Spain that plays in La Liga (2020-21), the top flight of the Spanish league system. This unofficial Valencia CF fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial del Valencia CF) consists of the team's official logo and a white background derived from the logo.

The shield-shaped logo, unchanged for nearly 100 years, features a black bat with spread wings from the coat of arms of King James I of Aragon, yellow-red and blue stripes from the city flag, and an orange soccer ball. The bat is a symbol associated with the city of Valencia and represents the city's historical and cultural significance, and it is a nod to its nickname, "Los Murciélagos" (The Bats). The use of orange and black colors represents the team's traditional colors. Overall, the logo signifies Valencia CF's strong connection to the city of Valencia and its cultural identity.

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Team name:Valencia Club de Fútbol
Team nicknames:Los Murciélagos (The Bats), Los Ches
Team abbreviation:Valencia, VCF
Location:Valencia, Spain
League:La Liga
Team Colors:Orange and Black
Second places:6
Seasons in Primera División:89
Mascots:Super Rat (a bat)

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