Casa Pia AC Fan Flag (GIF)

Casa Pia Atlético Clube is a sports club based in Lisbon, Portugal, that plays in the Primeira Liga (2021-22), the top flight of Portuguese football. This unofficial Casa Pia A.C. fan flag (Portuguese: bandeira não oficial da Casa Pia A.C.) consists of the team's official logo and a white background with diagonal double black stripes.

The Casa Pia Atlético Clube logo features a black shield with a red cross, and the initials of the team's full name, "C, P, A, and C," are positioned in the spaces on all four sides of the cross. The red cross is a prominent feature in the logo and is often associated with Portuguese heraldry, with various interpretations. It may symbolize themes like honor, bravery, or historical significance. The black shield creates a strong visual contrast with the red cross and adds an element of gravitas to the emblem. The use of the club's full name initials within the cross demonstrates a sense of identity and ownership. The overall design of the logo reflects the club's identity and history, with elements that potentially have local or historical relevance. It signifies the pride and heritage of Casa Pia Atlético Clube.

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Team name:Casa Pia Atlético Clube
Team nicknames:Os Gansos (The Geese),
Casapianos (The ones from Casa Pia)
Team abbreviation:CPAC
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Ground:Estádio Pina Manique
League:Primeira Liga
Team Colors:Black and Red
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:2

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