SC Braga Fan Flag (GIF)

Sporting Clube de Braga, commonly known as Sporting de Braga or just Braga, is a sports club based in Braga, Portugal that plays in the Primeira Liga (2021-22), the top flight of Portuguese football. This unofficial S.C. Braga fan flag (Portuguese: bandeira não oficial do S.C. Braga) consists of the team's official logo and a white-red background derived from the logo.

The Sporting Clube de Braga logo is a meaningful representation of the club's deep connection to the city of Braga and its rich cultural heritage. It is essentially a red-and-white adaptation of the city's crest, incorporating key elements such as the depiction of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, along with the inclusion of the golden Mural Crown of Braga. These symbols are not only significant to the city's history and identity but also represent the club's strong ties to its hometown. By featuring these iconic elements, the logo conveys a sense of tradition, pride, and a shared cultural legacy between Sporting Clube de Braga and the city of Braga itself.

Other flag variations

Team name:Sporting Clube de Braga
Team nicknames:Os Arcebispos (The Archbishops),
Os Arsenalistas (The Arsenalists),
Arsenal do Minho (Minho's Arsenal),
Minhotos (Those from Minho),
Os Guerreiros do Minho (The Minho Warriors),
Team abbreviation:SC Braga
Location:Braga, Portugal
Ground:Estádio Municipal de Braga
League:Primeira Liga
Team Colors:Red and White
Second places:1
Seasons in top division:67
Mascot:Bracaru the Roman Soldier

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