Celtic FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Celtic FC, commonly known as Celtic, is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, competing in the Scottish Premiership (2023), the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League. This unofficial Celtic F.C. fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a green-and-white striped background derived from the team jersey.

The Celtic Football Club logo prominently showcases a four-leaf clover, which is a symbol of good luck, hope, faith, and compassion. This choice of emblem conveys positive qualities and may reflect the club's values and aspirations. The clover is enclosed within a ring, which serves as a frame and also displays the team name and the year of the club's foundation. These elements collectively celebrate the club's identity and heritage while emphasizing the significance of luck and positive virtues.

Other flag variations

Team name:The Celtic Football Club
Team nicknames:The Bhoys, The Celts, The Hoops
Team abbreviations:Celtic FC or CFC
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Ground:Celtic Park
League:Scottish Premiership
Team Colors:Green and White
Second places:32
Seasons in top division:127
Mascot:Hoopy the Huddle Hound

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