Rangers FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Rangers FC is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, competing in the Scottish Premiership (2023), the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League. This unofficial Rangers F.C. fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a blue background derived from the logo.

The Rangers Football Club logo is a symbol of tradition, strength, and readiness. At its core is a historical soccer ball, which pays homage to the rich history of the club and the sport itself. The rearing red lion on the ball exudes a sense of power, determination, and the fearless spirit of the team. The motto "Ready," derived from the Scots phrase "Aye Ready," signifies the unwavering readiness and commitment of the club to face any challenge. In essence, the logo encapsulates the enduring spirit of Rangers FC, emphasizing their historical legacy and their constant preparedness to excel in the world of football.

Other flag variations

Team name:Rangers Football Club
Team nicknames:The Gers, The Light Blues, The Teddy Bears
Team abbreviations:Rangers FC or RFC
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
Ground:Ibrox Stadium
League:Scottish Premiership
Team Colors:Royal Blue, White
Second places:34
Seasons in top division:123
Mascot:Broxi Bear

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