Dundee United FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Dundee United FC is a professional football club based in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom, competing in the Scottish Premiership (2023), the top division of the Scottish Professional Football League. This unofficial Dundee United F.C. fan flag consists of the team's official logo and an orange background derived from the logo.

The Dundee United Football Club logo is a visually striking emblem with meaningful elements. At its core is a powerful black rampant lion, symbolizing strength and courage, which are essential qualities for any sports team. The lion is set on a unique rhombus divided into orange and white triangles, which could symbolize balance and unity within the club. In summary, this logo effectively combines traditional Scottish symbolism with modern design elements to represent the club's identity and values, emphasizing strength, unity, and recognition.

Other flag variations

Team name:Dundee United Football Club
Team nicknames:The Terrors, The Tangerines
Team abbreviations:Dundee United FC or DUFC
Location:Dundee, Scotland
Ground:Tannadice Park
League:Scottish Premiership
Team Colors:Tangerine (Orange) and Black
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:
Mascot:Terry the Terror, Tannadice Sam (formerly)

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