Ottawa Redblacks Fan Flag (GIF)

The Ottawa Redblacks (abbreviated as OTT) (French: Le Rouge et Noir d'Ottawa) are a professional Canadian football team based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and plays in the East Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). This unofficial Ottawa Redblacks fan flag (French: drapeau non officiel du Rouge et Noir d'Ottawa) consists of the team's official logo and a red background derived from the logo.

The Ottawa Redblacks logo is a striking and symbolic emblem that tells a story of both the team's identity and the city's heritage. At the center of the logo is a large and bold "R," which represents the team name "Redblacks." This "R" is set on a black circular saw, an industrial tool that holds significance for Ottawa due to its history in the timber industry. The circular saw not only symbolizes the city's past but also represents the team's unstoppable strength and determination. Together, the elements of the logo reflect the fusion of tradition and modernity, embodying the Redblacks' commitment to their community and their relentless pursuit of success in Canadian football.

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Team Name:Ottawa Redblacks
Team Nicknames:Redblacks, R-Nation
Team Abbreviation:OTT
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
League & Division:CFL East
Team Colors:Red, black, white
Grey Cup wins:1
Home Field:TD Place
Mascot:Big Joe/Grand Jos

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