Calgary Stampeders Fan Flag (GIF)

The Calgary Stampeders (abbreviated as CGY) are a professional Canadian football team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that competes in the West Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). This unofficial Calgary Stampeders fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a red background derived from the team colors.

The Calgary Stampeders logo features a powerful and iconic image: the silhouette of a galloping white horse with a black drop shadow. This emblem represents the strength, agility, and spirit of the Calgary Stampeders football team. The horse symbolizes the proud western heritage and the tradition of rodeo and horsemanship in Calgary and the surrounding region. Additionally, the dynamic and forward-moving stance of the horse conveys the team's determination and pursuit of victory on the football field. Overall, the logo captures the essence of both the city's cultural roots and the team's competitive drive, making it a symbol of pride for fans and a representation of Calgary's sporting identity.

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Team Name:Calgary Stampeders
Team Nicknames:Stamps, Horsemen
Team Abbreviation:CGY
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
League & Division:CFL West
Team Colors:Red, white, black
Grey Cup wins:8
Home Field:McMahon Stadium
Mascot:Ralph the Dog

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