Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fan Flag (GIF)

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats (abbreviated as HAM) are a professional Canadian football team based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and compete as a member of the Eastern Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). This unofficial Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a yellow background derived from the logo.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo is a dynamic representation of the team's fierce and determined spirit. At the center of the logo, a tiger cat is depicted in mid-leap, poised for action, symbolizing agility and the relentless pursuit of victory. The image is set against a black-edged white circle, which provides a bold and contrasting backdrop. The team's name encircles the circle, adding a sense of unity and pride. Overall, the logo embodies the essence of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, emphasizing their tenacity, competitiveness, and the electrifying energy they bring to Canadian football.

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Team Name:Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Team Nicknames:Ti-Cats, Tabbies
Team Abbreviation:HAM
Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
League & Division:CFL East
Team Colors:Black, Gold, and White
Grey Cup wins:8
Home Field:Tim Hortons Field
Mascot:Stripes (official mascot)

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