Cape Town City FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Cape Town City FC (2016) is a professional football club based in Cape Town, South Africa, and playing in the Premier Soccer League (2023), the first tier of the South African football league system. This unofficial Cape Town City F.C. fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a background that is horizontally separated into dark blue and yellow colors derived from the team jersey.

The Cape Town City FC logo is a simple yet visually striking monogram that carries the initials of the club's full name, "Cape Town City Football Club." The golden letters "C," "T," "C" (in reverse), "F," and "C" are artfully stylized to resemble a shield, creating a distinctive emblem. This design not only serves as a clear identifier of the club but also signifies a sense of unity and strength, aligning with the shield's symbolism of protection and teamwork. In essence, the logo effectively encapsulates Cape Town City FC's identity in a clean and modern aesthetic.

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Team name:Cape Town City Football Club
Team nicknames:The Citizens, Blue and Gold Army
Team abbreviation:CTCFC
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Ground:Cape Town Stadium
League:Premier Soccer League
Team Colors:Blue and Gold
Second places:1
Seasons in top division:8

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