Moroka Swallows FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Moroka Swallows FC (commonly known as the Swallows or The Birds for short) is a professional football club based in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, and playing in the Premier Soccer League (2023), the first tier of the South African football league system. This unofficial Moroka Swallows F.C. fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a dark scarlet background derived from the logo.

The Moroka Swallows FC logo carries meaningful symbolism. The round shape signifies unity and continuity, while the 12 swallow birds flying towards the upper left corner evoke a sense of freedom, grace, and forward movement. Swallow birds are often associated with migration, representing a journey and a new beginning, which may symbolize the club's aspirations and growth in football. The white ring around which the team name is written adds visual contrast and balance to the design, emphasizing the club's identity. Altogether, this logo combines elements of unity, progress, and identity, encapsulating the essence of Moroka Swallows FC in South African football.

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Team name:Moroka Swallows Football Club
Team nicknames:The Dube Birds,
The Beautiful Birds
Team abbreviation:Swallows or MSFC
Location:Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Ground:Volkswagen Dobsonville Stadium
League:Premier Soccer League
Team Colors:Dark Scarlet and White
Second places:1
Seasons in top division:23

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