Lamontville Golden Arrows FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Lamontville Golden Arrows F.C. is a soccer club based in Durban, South Africa, and playing in the Premier Soccer League (2023), the first tier of the South African football league system. This unofficial Lamontville Golden Arrows FC fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a green background derived from the logo.

The Lamontville Golden Arrows FC logo holds meaningful symbolism. The shield shape is reminiscent of traditional African shields, reflecting the club's cultural identity and heritage. The inclusion of the team nickname in Zulu, "Abafana Bes'thende," which translates to "The Backheel Boys," not only adds a local flavor but also represents the team's style of play. The two crossed golden arrows at the center evoke a sense of precision and accuracy, attributes desired in football. Overall, this emblem combines elements of culture, identity, and athleticism, encapsulating the essence of Lamontville Golden Arrows FC in South African football.

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Team name:Lamontville Golden Arrows Football Club
Team nicknames:Abafana Bes'thende (The Backheel Boys)
Team abbreviation:Golden Arrows, Lamontville GAFC
Location:Durban, South Africa
Ground:Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium
League:Premier Soccer League
Team Colors:Green and Gold
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:22

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