Ñublense Fan Flag (GIF)

Club Deportivo Ñublense, or simply Ñublense, is a professional football team based in Chillán, Ñuble Region, Chile, playing in the Chilean Primera División (2023), the highest tier of the Chilean football league system. This unofficial Ñublense fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial de Ñublense) consists of the team's official logo and a red background derived from the logo.

The Ñublense logo is a simple yet distinctive representation of the club's identity. The logo features a black stripe on which the team name is prominently written, set against a red shield background. The use of the team's red and black colors adds an element of visual impact and signifies the club's traditional design. This straightforward emblem effectively emphasizes the team's name, creating a memorable and easily recognizable symbol that encapsulates Ñublense's identity in Chilean football.

Other flag variations

Team name:Club Deportivo Ñublense
Team nicknames:Diablos Rojos (Red Devils),
Longaniza Mecánica (A Clockwork Sausage),
Rojos (Reds)
Team abbreviation:Ñublense
Location:Chillán, Chile
Ground:Estadio Municipal Nelson Oyarzún Arenas
League:Chilean Primera División
Team Colors:Red and Black
Second places:1
Seasons in top division:15

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