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Club de Deportes Cobresal, or Cobresal for short, is a professional football club based in El Salvador, Atacama, a mining town in Chile, and playing in the Chilean Primera División (2023), the highest tier of the Chilean football league system. This unofficial C.D. Cobresal fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial del C.D. Cobresal) consists of the team's official logo and a vertically separated orange and white background derived from the logo.

The Cobresal logo carries profound symbolism. At its core, it features the alchemical symbol for copper (♀), closely resembling the orange female symbol, which signifies the club's strong connection to the mining heritage of its hometown, El Salvador, in Chile, where copper mining is a prominent industry. The inclusion of a soccer ball wearing a miner's helmet within the oval part of the symbol beautifully blends the town's mining identity with its passion for football, highlighting the integral relationship between the local community, its historical roots in mining, and its deep love for the sport. This logo effectively encapsulates Cobresal's unique identity, showcasing the fusion of mining culture and football tradition that defines the club.

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Team name:Club de Deportes Cobresal
Team nicknames:Mineros (Miners),
Legionarios (Legionnaires),
El Milagro del Desierto (The Desert's Miracle)
Team abbreviation:CDC
Location:El Salvador, Chile
Ground:Estadio El Cobre
League:Chilean Primera División
Team Colors:Orange and White
Second places:2
Seasons in top division:32

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