Lech Poznań Fan Flag (GIF)

Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech Poznań SA, commonly referred to as KKS Lech Poznań or simply Lech Poznań, is a professional football club based in Poznań, Poland, playing in the Ekstraklasa (2022-23), the top tier of the Polish football league system. This unofficial Lech Poznań fan flag (Polish: nieoficjalna flaga Lecha Poznań) consists of the team's official logo and a vertically separated blue and white background derived from the logo.

The Lech Poznań logo carries profound symbolism, resembling a front view of a historical locomotive. This design pays homage to the club's strong historical connection with the Polish State Railways, reflecting a significant aspect of its identity. The inclusion of the team name and foundation year underscores the club's history and heritage. The pair of wings, with lower parts resembling gears, symbolizes the team's spirit of progress, speed, and determination, reminiscent of the power and precision of a locomotive. Altogether, this logo represents Lech Poznań's rich history, industrial ties, and commitment to excellence, making it a powerful emblem for the club and its supporters.

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Team name:Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech Poznań
Team nicknames:Kolejorz (The Railwaymen),
Pyry (Greater Poland potato)
Team abbreviation:KKS
Location:Poznań, Poland
Ground:Stadion Poznań
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:3
Seasons in top division:62

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