Górnik Zabrze Flag GIF (Flaga Górnika Zabrze)

Górnik Zabrze Spółka Akcyjna, or Górnik Zabrze for short, is a Polish football club based in Zabrze, Poland, that plays in the Ekstraklasa (2022-23), the top tier of the Polish football league system. This unofficial Górnik Zabrze flag (Polish: nieoficjalna flaga Górnika Zabrze) consists of the team's official logo and a white, blue and red vertically striped background derived from the logo. The logo is in the form of an inverted isosceles triangle shield. In the middle of the shield, which is vertically divided into white and blue sections, there is a large letter G in reverse color according to these sections. The top red band shows ZABRZE, and the bottom red band shows two cross hammers, a mining symbol.


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