Górnik Zabrze Fan Flag (GIF)

Górnik Zabrze Spółka Akcyjna, or Górnik Zabrze for short, is a football club based in Zabrze, Poland, that plays in the Ekstraklasa (2022-23), the top tier of the Polish football league system. This unofficial Górnik Zabrze fan flag (Polish: nieoficjalna flaga Górnika Zabrze) consists of the team's official logo and a white, blue and red vertically striped background derived from the logo.

The Górnik Zabrze logo is a powerful representation of the club's identity and heritage. The inverted isosceles triangle shield, divided into white and blue sections, prominently features a large letter "G" in reverse color, serving as a distinctive initial for the club's name. The red bands above and below the shield are significant: "ZABRZE" signifies the club's strong connection to its hometown, Zabrze, in Poland, while the two cross hammers at the bottom pay homage to the region's deep-rooted mining history. These hammers symbolize hard work, resilience, and the determination of both the local community and the club itself. In essence, the logo embodies Górnik Zabrze's commitment to its community, its mining heritage, and the values of dedication and perseverance, making it a symbol of pride and identity for the club and its supporters.

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Team name:Górnik Zabrze Spółka Akcyjna
Team nicknames:Trójkolorowi (Tri-Colour),
Górnicy (The Miners)
Team abbreviation:Górnik Zabrze SA
Location:Zabrze, Poland
Ground:Arena Zabrze
Team Colors:Blue and White (and Red)
Second places:4
Seasons in top division:65

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