Rosenborg BK Fan Flag (GIF)

Rosenborg Ballklub, commonly referred to simply as Rosenborg or RBK, is a professional football based in Trondheim, Norway, competing in Eliteserien (2023), the top tier of the Norwegian football league system. This unofficial Rosenborg BK fan flag (Norwegian: uoffisielt Rosenborg BK-flagg) consists of the team's official logo and a white background derived from the team jersey.

The Rosenborg BK logo, designed in the form of a horizontal diamond in black and white, holds several significant elements. The black and white colors symbolize the traditional colors of the club. At the center of the diamond, the initials "RBK" represent the club's name, Rosenborg Ballklub. On the sides of the initials, the year "1917" signifies the club's founding year. Overall, the diamond shape, along with the black and white color scheme, provides a clean and distinctive look for the club's emblem, emphasizing its rich history and tradition in Norwegian football.

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Team name:Rosenborg Ballklub
Team nicknames:Troillongan (The Troll Children)
Team abbreviation:RBK
Location:Trondheim, Norway
Ground:Lerkendal Stadion
Team Colors:Black and White
Second places:7
Seasons in top division:60

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