Vålerenga Fotball Fan Flag (GIF)

Vålerenga Fotball is an association football club based in Oslo, Norway, competing in Eliteserien (2023), the top tier of the Norwegian football league system, and is part of the multi-sport club Vålerengens Idrettsforening (VIF). This unofficial Vålerenga Fotball fan flag (Norwegian: uoffisielt Vålerenga Fotball-flagg) consists of the team's official logo and a blue background derived from the logo.

The Vålerenga Fotball logo is a simple yet meaningful representation of the club's history and identity. The white ellipse with a blue border contains the initials "VIF," representing Vålerenga Idrettsforening, the club's full name. Above the initials, the word "STIFTET" signifies "founded" in Norwegian, and below, the founding date of 29 July 1913 is displayed, highlighting the club's rich history and longstanding presence in Norwegian football. The logo serves as a proud emblem of Vålerenga's heritage and tradition.

Other flag variations

Team name:Vålerenga Fotball
Team nicknames:Enga,
Bohemene (The Bohemians),
Oslos Stolthet (The Pride of Oslo),
St. Hallvards menn (St. Hallvard's Men)
Team abbreviation:VIF
Location:Oslo, Norway
Ground:Intility Arena
Team Colors:Blue and white
Second places:3
Seasons in top division:63

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