Viking FK Fan Flag (GIF)

Viking Fotballklubb, commonly known as Viking or Viking Stavanger internationally, is a football club based in Stavanger, Norway, competing in Eliteserien (2023), the top tier of the Norwegian football league system. This unofficial Viking FK fan flag (Norwegian: uoffisielt Viking FK-flagg) consists of the team's official logo and a dark blue background derived from the team jersey.

The Viking FK logo features a gold-rimmed pennant that encapsulates key elements. It prominently displays the team's name, "Viking," and the year of the team's founding. The logo also includes the name of the city where the team is located, Stavanger. At its center, there's a symbolic representation of an oak tree stump with a sprig emerging from it. This imagery likely represents strength, longevity, and growth, aligning with the values and identity of the club.

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Team name:Viking Fotballklubb
Team nicknames:De mørkeblå (The dark blues), Vikingane
Team abbreviation:Viking FK
Location:Stavanger, Norway
Ground:Viking Stadion
Team Colors:Dark Blue and White
Second places:2
Seasons in top division:73
Mascot:Viking Warrior

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