Flag of Zambia (GIF)

The flag of Zambia is a vibrant and meaningful design, consisting of a green field with an orange-colored African fish eagle in flight over a vertical panel of three stripes: red, black, and orange. The green background represents the country's lush vegetation and natural resources, while the red symbolizes the nation's struggle for freedom and independence. The black stripe is a tribute to the people of Zambia, highlighting their strength and unity. The orange stripe signifies the country's natural resources and mineral wealth. The eagle in flight embodies the nation's freedom, hope, progress, vision, and the ability to soar above challenges. This flag beautifully encapsulates Zambia's history, aspirations, and the hope for a bright future, making it a powerful emblem of Zambian identity and pride.

Adopted:October 24, 1964
Designed by:Gabriel Ellison
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇿🇲

The coat of arms of Zambia on a waving white flag
The coat of arms of Zambia is a symbolically rich emblem that showcases the nation's heritage and aspirations. The black shield with white stripes on its coat of arms symbolizes the Zambezi River and the iconic Victoria Falls. Atop the shield, a pick and hoe represent the country's economic foundation, particularly in mining and agriculture. The shield is supported by an African man and woman, symbolizing the unity and diversity of the Zambian people. At the base of the emblem, a corncob represents agriculture, a zebra symbolizes the nation's wildlife, and a tower signifies the importance of mining. The eagle at the top of the coat of arms, which is also featured on the national flag, represents the nation's ability to rise above challenges and its progress. A ribbon with the national motto, "One Zambia, One Nation," is displayed below the emblem, emphasizing the unity and diversity of the Zambian people. This emblem beautifully encapsulates Zambia's history, natural wealth, and the unity of its people, making it a powerful symbol of the nation's identity and pride.

The Zambia flag is waving on a flagpole rising from the globe.
Zambia, officially known as the Republic of Zambia, is a landlocked country in south-central Africa. Its capital is Lusaka, and its population is about 18.92 million (2021). According to its land borders, it borders with Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

The waving flag of Zambia with its coat of arms (unofficial)
The waving vertical flag of Zambia (Animated GIF)
Capital and largest city:Lusaka
Other major cities:Kitwe,
Official languages:English
Region:Eastern Africa
Ethnic groups:21.0% Bemba,
13.6% Tonga,
7.4% Chewa,
5.7% Lozi,
5.3% Nsenga,
47% Other groups
Religions:75.3% Protestant,
20.2% Roman Catholic,
2.5% Animist,
1.8% Atheist,
0.5% Muslim
Nationality name:Zambian
Area:752,618 km²
(290,587 sq mi)
Population:18.92 million (2021)
Country codes:ZM, ZMB (ISO 3166)
Internet Top-Level Domain:.zm
Calling code:+260

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