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Sportclub Rheindorf Altach, also known as Rheindorf Altach, SCR Altach, or simply SCRA, is an association football club based in Altach, Vorarlberg, Austria that competes in the Austrian Football Bundesliga, the top tier of the Austrian football league system. This unofficial SC Rheindorf Altach fan flag (German: inoffizielle SC Rheindorf Altach Flagge) consists of the team's official logo and a white background with a black stripe derived from the team jersey.

The SC Rheindorf Altach logo is a contemporary and visually appealing design. The upper part of the logo, in yellow, contains the team's name, "Rheindorf Altach," making the club's identity clear. Just below the team name, a white stripe prominently displays the abbreviation "SCRA," which stands for "Sportclub Rheindorf Altach." This abbreviation is commonly used to refer to the club. The lower black section of the logo often features the team's sponsor, reflecting the financial support and partnerships crucial to modern football clubs. At the bottom, the presence of a yellow and white football (soccer ball) symbolizes the club's connection to the sport of football. In essence, the logo effectively communicates the club's name, abbreviation, sponsorship, and its association with the beautiful game of football.

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Team name:Sportclub Rheindorf Altach
Team nicknames:Die Altacher
Team abbreviation:SCRA
Location:Altach, Austria
Ground:Stadion Schnabelholz
League:Austrian Football Bundesliga
Team Colors:Black and Yellow
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:13

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