Grasshopper Club Fan Flag (GIF)

Grasshopper Club Zürich, commonly referred to as simply GC, GCZ, or Grasshoppers, is a multisports club based in Zürich, Switzerland, competing in the Swiss Super League (2023), the top division of the Swiss Professional Football League. This unofficial Grasshopper Club Zürich fan flag (German: inoffizielle Grasshopper Club Zürich Flagge, French: drapeau non officiel du Grasshopper Club Zürich, Italian: bandiera non ufficiale del Grasshopper Club Zürich) consists of the team's official logo and a vertically separated blue and white background derived from the logo.

The Grasshopper Club Zürich logo is a symbol of the club's rich history and success in Swiss football. The intertwined blue initials "G, C, Z" at the center of the logo represent "Grasshopper Club Zürich" and serve as a clear and bold representation of the club's name. The presence of two gold stars above the initials signifies the club's remarkable achievement of winning more than 20 championships. These stars are a mark of the club's historical excellence and competitive legacy in Swiss football. In essence, the logo proudly highlights GCZ's name, its rich championship history, and its enduring commitment to the sport.

Team name:Grasshopper Club Zürich
Team nicknames:Hoppers, Grasshoppers, GC
Team abbreviation:GCZ
Location:Zürich, Switzerland
League:Swiss Super League
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:21
Seasons in top division:116

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