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Viborg Fodsports Forening (Viborg Footsport Association), or Viborg FF and VFF for short, is a professional football club based in Viborg, Jutland, Denmark, competing in the Danish Superliga (2023), the top division of the Danish Professional Football League. This unofficial Viborg FF fan flag (Danish: uofficielt Viborg FF flag) consists of the team's official logo and a dark green background derived from the logo.

The Viborg FF logo is a visually striking emblem with several meaningful elements. At its core, it consists of a green triangle within a circular motif adorned with green and white stripes. This circular design resembles a soccer ball, underscoring the club's commitment to the sport. The central feature of the logo is the three-leaf clover enclosed within the green triangle. The clover, a symbol of good luck, adds a touch of optimism and fortune to the club's image. Moreover, the initials of the team's name are cleverly integrated within the clover's leaves, forging a unique and personalized connection between the symbol and the club's identity. In essence, the Viborg FF logo artfully combines elements of football tradition, good fortune, and personal identity, making it a distinctive representation of the club.

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Team name:Viborg Fodsports Forening
Team nicknames:De Grønne (The Greens), Den Gamle Hovedstad (The Old Capital)
Team abbreviations:Viborg FF or VFF
Location:Viborg, Denmark
Ground:Viborg Stadium
League:Danish Superliga
Team Colors:Green and White
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:18

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