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Wolfsberger Athletik Club, commonly referred to as Wolfsberger AC, Wolfsberg, or simply WAC, is an association football club based in Wolfsberg, Carinthia, Austria, competing in the Austrian Football Bundesliga (2023), the top division of the Austrian Professional Football League. This unofficial Wolfsberger AC fan flag (German: inoffizielle Wolfsberger AC-Flagge) consists of the team's official logo and a black-and-white vertically striped background derived from the logo.

The Wolfsberger Athletik Club logo is a visually dynamic design. The shield shape, commonly used in football logos, symbolizes strength and tradition. The prominent display of "WAC" ensures immediate recognition of the club's identity. The black and white stripes within the shield represent the club's primary team colors, a fundamental aspect of its visual identity. The stylized wolf's head, which is also on the city's coat of arms, holds a dual meaning, representing both the club's name "Wolfsberger" and symbolizing attributes like teamwork and tenacity. The inclusion of the sponsor's logo reflects the club's modern approach to partnerships and support, which are vital for its operations and growth. In essence, the logo effectively combines elements of identity, team colors, and local pride, making it a comprehensive symbol of WAC in Austrian football.

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Team name:Wolfsberger Athletik Club
Team nicknames:Die Lavanttaler (The Lavant Valley Team)
Team abbreviation:WAC
Location:Wolfsberg, Carinthia, Austria
League:Austrian Football Bundesliga
Team Colors:Black and White
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:12
Mascot:Wolf (informal)

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