FC Zürich Fan Flag (GIF)

Fussballclub Zürich, commonly abbreviated to FC Zürich or simply FCZ, is a football club based in Zürich, Switzerland, competing in the Swiss Super League (2023), the top division of the Swiss Professional Football League. This unofficial FC Zürich fan flag (German: inoffizielle FC Zürich-Flagge, French: drapeau non officiel du FC Zürich, Italian: bandiera non ufficiale del FC Zurigo) consists of the team's official logo and a dark blue background derived from the logo.

The FC Zürich logo is a visually striking emblem with meaningful elements: The prominent initials "F, C, Z" in the upper white half serve as a clear and bold representation of "Football Club Zürich." The gold stripe surrounding the logo adds an element of prestige and success to the logo. The lower half, with its vertical blue and white stripes, showcases the team's primary colors. Blue and white are emblematic of Swiss sports and represent the club's identity and heritage. In essence, the logo symbolizes FC Zürich's name and values, with a touch of elegance and a strong connection to its Swiss roots.

Team name:Fussballclub Zürich
Team nicknames:Die Stadtzürcher (The City Zurichers)
Team abbreviation:FCZ
Location:Zürich, Switzerland
League:Swiss Super League
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:9
Seasons in top division:79

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