Servette FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Servette FC is a football club based in Geneva, Switzerland, competing in the Swiss Super League (2023), the top division of the Swiss Professional Football League. This unofficial Servette FC fan flag (German: inoffizielle Servette FC-Flagge, French: drapeau non officiel du Servette FC, Italian: bandiera non ufficiale del Servette FC) consists of the team's official logo and a maroon background derived from the logo.

The Servette Football Club logo features a large "S," which represents "Servette," the club's name. It serves as a bold and clear identifier of the team. Inside the ring surrounding the "S," the smaller "FC" letters stand for "Football Club," a common abbreviation used by football clubs worldwide. The outer ring contains important information, including the team name ("Servette"), the city name ("Genève" or Geneva), and the year of establishment, providing context about the club's origin. Above the logo, the gold star is a mark of the club's exceptional success, signifying its more than 10 championships. In essence, the logo encapsulates Servette FC's name, history, and championship achievements, making it a powerful symbol of the club's heritage and excellence.

Team name:Association du Servette Football Club
Team nicknames:Les Grenats (The Maroons)
Team abbreviation:SFC
Location:Geneva (Genève), Switzerland
Ground:Stade de Genève
League:Swiss Super League
Team Colors:Maroon and White
Second places:17
Seasons in top division:111

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