FK Austria Wien Fan Flag (GIF)

Fußballklub Austria Wien AG, known in English as Austria Wien and often abbreviated as Austria in German-speaking countries, is a football club located in Vienna, Austria, and competing in the Austrian Football Bundesliga (2023), the top division of the Austrian Football League. This unofficial FK Austria Wien fan flag (German: inoffizielle FK Austria Wien Flagge) consists of the team's official logo and a violet background derived from the logo.

The FK Austria Wien logo features a white circle at the center that contains the initials "F, K, A," representing "Fussballklub Austria Wien," which is the club's full name. This serves as a clear and prominent identifier of the team. Surrounding the circle, the ring displays the team's full name and the year of establishment, providing context about the club's origins and its historical significance. Above the logo, two gold stars symbolize the club's remarkable success in winning more than 20 championships, emphasizing its enduring excellence in Austrian football. The seal-like design adds a sense of tradition and prestige to the emblem, reinforcing the club's unique brand and its achievements over the years.

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Team name:Fußballklub Austria Wien AG
Team nicknames:Die Veilchen (The Violets)
Team abbreviation:FKA
Location:Vienna, Austria
Ground:Franz Horr Stadium
League:Austrian Football Bundesliga
Team Colors:Violet and White
Second places:19
Seasons in top division:50

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