Arizona Coyotes Fan Flag (GIF)

The Arizona Coyotes are a professional ice hockey team based in Tempe, Arizona, USA, and compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Central Division in the Western Conference. This unofficial Arizona Coyotes fan flag consists of the team's official logo and a claret red background derived from the logo.

The Kachina logo is based on the ancestral spirits of the Pueblo people and depicts a coyote wielding a hockey stick with a patchwork of colors associated with the Southwest, including green, brick red, sand, and purple. The crescent on his chest forms a "C" for Coyotes, and Kachina's stance is meant to evoke an "A" for Arizona. Overall, the logo reflects the Coyotes' identity as an NHL team based in Arizona.

Other flag variations

Team Name:Arizona Coyotes
Team Nicknames:Coyotes
Team Abbreviation:ARI
Location:Tempe, Arizona, USA
Conference & Division:Western / Central
Team Colors:Process black, brick red, forest green, sand, sienna, purple
Stanley Cups:-
Conference championships:-
Division championships:1
Home arena:Mullett Arena
Mascot:Howler the Coyote

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