Eintracht Frankfurt Fan Flag (GIF)

Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. is a professional sports club based in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany that competes in the Bundesliga (2022–23), the top tier of the German football league system. This unofficial Eintracht Frankfurt fan flag (German: inoffizielle Eintracht Frankfurt Flagge) consists of the team's official logo and a black-white background derived from the team colors.

The red ring in the round club logo contains a single-headed eagle from the coat of arms of the city of Frankfurt, which refers to the 13th century imperial eagle, and on the eagle's chest is a shield representing the team's name with the letter E. The eagle is a symbol of power, pride, and victory and represents the club's identity as a competitive football team. The use of red and black colors reflects the team's traditional colors. Overall, the logo symbolizes Eintracht Frankfurt's strength and commitment to success in football.

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Team name:Eintracht Frankfurt
Team nicknames:SGE (Sportgemeinde Eintracht),
Die Adler (The Eagles),
Launische Diva (Moody Diva),
Schlappekicker (Slipper Kickers),
Die Diva vom Main (The Diva From the Main)
Team abbreviation:SGE
Location:Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Stadium:Deutsche Bank Park
Team Colors:Red, Black, and White
Second places:1
Seasons in Bundesliga:55
Mascot:Atilla (an eagle)

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