Millonarios FC Fan Flag (GIF)

Millonarios FC, also known as Millonarios, is a professional football club based in Bogotá, Colombia, competing in the Categoría Primera A (2023), the top division of the Colombian Professional Football League. This unofficial Millonarios F.C. fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial de Millonarios F.C.) consists of the team's official logo and a white background with blue triangles in the upper left and lower right corners.

The Millonarios FC logo features two interlocking rings, which are often interpreted as a symbol of the club's past unification and the cohesion of its members. These rings are placed in the blue area of the shield, which is divided diagonally into blue and white sections, signifying the team's primary colors. In the white area of the shield, the club's initial letter "M" is prominently displayed. This combination of elements elegantly communicates the club's name, unity, and tradition. Overall, the Millonarios FC logo is a timeless representation of the club's legacy and its enduring presence in Colombian football.

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Team name:Millonarios Fútbol Club
Team nicknames:Embajadores (The Ambassadors),
El Ballet Azul (The Blue Ballet),
Los Azules (The Blues),
Los Albiazules (The White-Blues),
El famoso Millos (The famous Millos)
Team abbreviation:Millos
Location:Bogotá, Colombia
Ground:Estadio El Campín
League:Categoría Primera A
Team Colors:Blue and White
Second places:10
Seasons in top division:76
Mascot:Millo (Boy)

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