Águilas Doradas Fan Flag (GIF)

Águilas Doradas is a professional football team based in Rionegro, Colombia, competing in the Categoría Primera A (2023), the top division of the Colombian Professional Football League. This unofficial Águilas Doradas fan flag (Spanish: bandera no oficial de Águilas Doradas) consists of the team's official logo and a golden background derived from the logo.

The Águilas Doradas logo carries a striking and symbolic design. The emblem showcases a majestic golden eagle soaring across a black-bordered golden shield. This design beautifully aligns with the team's nicknames, "The Golden Team" and "The Golden Eagles." The use of the golden eagle, a powerful and noble bird, conveys strength, determination, and a sense of pride, representing the team's competitive spirit and aspirations. The black border adds a touch of contrast and elegance, enhancing the overall visual impact of the logo. In its entirety, this emblem signifies Águilas Doradas' commitment to excellence and its identity as a formidable force in the world of football, making it a symbol of pride and inspiration for both the club and its fans.

Other flag variations

Team name:Águilas Doradas
Team nicknames:Las Águilas Doradas (The Golden Eagles),
El Equipo Dorado (The Golden Team),
El Equipo Joven de Colombia (Colombia's Young Team),
Los Dorados (The Golden Ones)
Team abbreviation:-
Location:Rionegro, Colombia
Ground:Estadio Alberto Grisales
League:Categoría Primera A
Team Colors:Gold and Black
Second places:-
Seasons in top division:13
Mascot:El Águila (Eagle)

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