Hammarby Fotboll Fan Flag (GIF)

Hammarby IF Fotbollförening, more commonly known as Hammarby Fotboll or Hammarby, is a football club based in Stockholm, Sweden, competing in Allsvenskan (2022), the top tier of the Swedish football league system. This unofficial Hammarby Fotboll fan flag (Swedish: inofficiell Hammarby Fotboll flagga) consists of the team's official logo and a white-and-green horizontally striped background derived from the logo.

The Hammarby Fotboll logo is a visually striking and meaningful emblem that encapsulates the team's identity and tradition. At the heart of the logo is the team's flag, elegantly waving from a flagpole. The flag, characterized by its distinctive white and green horizontal stripes, serves as a powerful symbol of the club's heritage and sense of belonging. Within the flag, the initials "HIF" are prominently featured, representing Hammarby Idrottsförening and affirming the team's identity. Surrounding this central image is a gold wreath, signifying honor and achievement, and adding a touch of prestige to the emblem. Overall, the logo seamlessly combines elements of tradition, pride, and excellence in football, reflecting Hammarby Fotboll's enduring commitment to its fans and the sport.

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Team name:Hammarby IF Fotbollförening
Team nicknames:Bajen, Söder, Södermalm, Mälarpiraterna
Team abbreviations:HIF
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Ground:Tele2 Arena
Team Colors:Green and White
Second places:2
Seasons in top division:53

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